Put God First by Daniel Jeddman

PUT GOD FIRST talks about a lady called Dora who found herself in the grips of the devil in a dramatic experience, only to know God was watching to prepare her for greater achievements of a lifetime.


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She went through the valley of shadow of death and came back even stronger than ever before. God fortified her feet and made her forehead stronger than her enemies.
By reading this book, you will be learning so many wonderful things about life. You will be learning from specific characters in this book such as the strange guest who visited Dora’s home and created a very devilish impact and how God came to the rescue of Dora’s family. The saddest part of this book is right from the beginning.
Don’t miss an inch of every line written in this book. Your life will definitely be transformed after reading this wonderful book. The Lord shall surely visit you, transform you and make you greater. If you’re looking for an opportunity to understand how to handle pain, this book is a very strong recommendation for you.
If you’re looking to forgive someone who wronged you, this book will guide you through as you read till the very end. There are so many tools of precisions that will guide you to cultivate a habit of peace around you. The main character, Dora alone is enough to help you through. Otherwise, there is Sophia, Mr. Gablo Semie, Kwabie, Debora, Shaphet, Dennis and many more!
I pray that you would connect more with the Holy Spirit as you read along. I pray God will visit you as you read. There is a divine presence through the knowing of this book. But to God be the glory for blessing us to be part of history.