A step closer please, move forward


The only way is forward. You can’t be at one position and expend growth to develop. You need to step up. A step closer to your goals will make a lot of impact in your life.

You don’t let go because you feel like it. There’s no turning back after your window into life is opened. Right from the moment your father cuts the umbilical cord, your first cry begins your voyage, it sets you up and running. The earlier you decide to move forward despite the circumstances the better for your future.

Reading a book like PUT GOD FIRST by Daniel Jeddman (my humble self) will help you understand so many circumstances of life you could adjust to yours without hesitation. Get the book either on Amazon or Google play

Stand firm and keep your heads up! Keep your eyes on the road. For the God who has called you knew you even when you were a clot of blood in your mother’s womb.

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