Daniel Jeddman set to release SACRIFICE


“Focus on your journey with passion, determination and happiness. See, Abel did nothing but hatred from his brother for nothing”… declares Jeddman in one of his hot lines (lyrics) in the song.

“The message is pretty simple. We seem to be in a world of hatred, jealously, backbiting and backstabbing instead of loving each other, supporting each other and focusing on our journeys with passion, determination and happiness.”, Jeddman reemphasized.

Jeddman rightly said God gave him the song to bridge the gap between believers and unbelievers. “It’s a song for everyone, there’s no special group of people to consume it. God is love for all and at times, His message comes for all.”

He further explained the song is inspired in the First book of Moses, Genesis 4:1-16. Where Cain lured and killed his younger twin brother Abel because of envy and jealousy of his (Abel’s) sacrifice to the LORD.

Even the cover design of the song will send strong signals into your veins and spins. Incredible work!

The anticipation on the song is huge. Many around the world are really looking forward for this mind blowing song likened to Gospel R&B/Rap kind of vibe. Daniel Jeddman is known with his unique passionate attitude and divine presence he carries in voice. But he then seems to have a lot more genres we are yet to discover.

To add to this, a leak of the song came out, others were heard saying Jeddman might have gotten inspired from Sisqó’s (American R&B/Rap Singer) song Thong Songs, of which he totally denied the allegations. Jeddman clearly has a strong multitalented demeanor the world should watch out for. He’s one kind of unapologetic Jesus freak!

Sacrifice has a strong message to world.” Daniel Jeddman said. He is also looking forward to meet investors in music willing to work with him on several projects. Irrespective of where you are, just contact him on any of his Social Handels so you can make successful amends with the Ghanaian Gospel Star based in Hamburg, Germany.

Daniel Jeddman’s last release in 2022, FAVOUR featured Ghana’s Vgma winner and Grammy Recording Academy Member, MOG Music.

“Being an Independent Artist is not a joke, you actually have to clear every bill yourself and still feed your audience with the message from heaven. It only takes divine grace to build that maturity level of progress… Daniel Jeddman said in an interview.

His inspiringly captivating book PUT GOD FIRST is up and running! Visit Google Play and Amazon for your copy now!

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