Major setbacks that grant demons legal access into your orthodox territory (realm)


This analytical dichotomy I’m going to summarize in the next few chapters are theological thoughts and deeper insights about demonology.

Many a times, demons enter people’s lives through an inadvertent invitation (usually innocently or unknowingly) or a door we open that gives them legal spiritual access to us. Spirits can affect or hinder us from the outside, as well as gaining access to our bodies invading like a spiritual parasite, such as in Matthew 9:33: “And when the demon was driven out, the man who had been mute spoke. The crowd was amazed and said, ‘Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel.’”
I was visiting friends, and we decided as an activity to go to a movie. The movie was one they really had their hearts set on seeing and was very popular at the time. It was a suspenseful, forensic crime type of movie involving the hunt for a serial killer. The crimes of the serial killer were monstrously evil, heinous, and perverted.

The only essential element to eternal salvation is through the Son of God. Read John 3:36.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me as the movie started and told me that through this movie a new precedent would be set in the amount of evil spirits that would be released in the theaters where people are watching this movie. When people passively participate through watching of television or movies, listening to music, reading, or playing games that are an opening to the demonic, they are left spiritually vulnerable.
Sometimes just the fact that you are watching or listening to this at all can be a legal opening that could possibly lead to the demonic spiritual world. An example would be pornography; it opens the door to many different types of spirits, such as spirits of sexual pervasion and addiction. Another open door would be videogames that have occult themes. One day while I was attending an electronic or computer type convention, I was browsing around and looking at all the merchandise.

Suddenly the tangible presence of evil was extremely strong behind me. I quickly spun around, and there was a table behind me that had previously owned video games on it. Several, but one game box in particular, had demonic pictures on it occult themes. It was pouring out the presence of evil, and evil spirits were on the game itself. The evil spirits’ presence was actually attached to the game and was waiting for some unsuspecting shopper to lure or entice into buying the game. Then later while playing the game there would be an open door for these strategically waiting demons to have legal access to the participant of the game. Unfortunately many of today’s popular games fall into this category; and people, especially young people, are buying them and have no idea what is happening to them in the spiritual realm.

These are just a few instances how demons invade the spiritual realm you’re supposed to control.

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